Metal Fabrication

EFFJEY has been producing a wide range of quality metal products to suit a variety of applications for many years. We are proud of our reputation for high quality architectural and structural metalwork.
We are well known for designing, manufacturing, refurbishing and installing fabrications, both in the UK and overseas. We offer a truly personal and professional service.
We manufacture bespoke products tailored to meet your specifications whether you are in project management or are the end user. Examples include:- Shop Gondolas and frames; Bracketry; Gates and Railings; Bed Frames; Security Boxes; Balustrades; Parapets; Trolley Parks: Security Bars; Column Casings; Park Rail Fencing; Racking and Shelves; Tables and Chairs; Staging Equipment; Structural Posts and complete Slotted Post Systems
Effjey has welding equipment for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium by M.I.G. and T.I.G. processes. Our welders are tested to BS EN 287-1 192 and BS EN 288-3 1 992 Standard
Our team of highly skilled engineers are able to carry out on-site work, including welding work, steel erecting and the fabrication of hand railing, staircases etc. and general site repair services. We are honoured to have been involved with our customers’ projects throughout the country including Local Authority, Commercial and Retail Clients.
Our modern workshop has the facilities to perform a wide range of processing including:-
Milling; Drilling; sawing; Rolling; Cutting (CNC, Guillotine, Promecam + Plasma and Oxyacetylene cutting); turning etc.
At EFFJEY Ltd we recognise the need for reliability and versatility and also to be able to carry out a professional job on time, every time. We are proud of our customer service policy. Serving national and international clients, it is our priority to ensure total customer satisfaction whilst maintaining a highly competitive pricing strategy.