Powder Coating

We are proud to offer a high quality finish with competitive turn-around for both the sections we supply and your own free issue metal.
Access to two fully functional and independent lines that enable us to handle batch sizes from one off to full runs. We are also able accommodate very small items to over size. Larger items are processed off line in designated spraying booths.
Types of powder available include Polyester, Epoxy-Polyester, Epoxy, Textures inc. Leatherettes and Hammers and metallics in all gloss levels
We can offer a broad range of pre-treatments suited to the finish required. Pre-treatment is required on all substrates and this is achieved by degreasing, keying and etching.
Vapour Degrease Tank, 8 Stage Pre-Treatment Set-up, Alacrom (for Aluminium and Zinc this can also be the final finish) and Iron Phosphate (multi-metal phosphate).
We have available Fully automatic on line powder coating system (accepting up to 4.5 metres, with larger line accepting up to 6 metres).
50ft gas air re-circ Ovens, a 12ft air re-circ Box Oven, 8 stage Alocrom Pre-Treatent plant including Iron Phosphate Pre-Treat Tank, 15ft Wet Spray Booths and a large drying area for two-pack and air dry paints.