EFFJEY has been producing a wide range of modern wall systems to suit a variety of shop fitting applications, for many years.
These wall systems have the capability of turning a featureless wall into a superb merchandisable wall. We use a combination of Slotted Posts, boards, top and bottom edging and skirting to create these fantastic products. Look at some of the examples of these shop fitting projects above.

Shop Fitting

There are many different designs to these walls, the main ones are listed below for guidance:
Merchandisable Wall - These are simply assembled in front of an existing wall with the slotted posts showing to allow the retailer to insert display arms or brackets to allow for shelves and/or hanging rails. Because of the simplicity in the design, the retailer can very easily adjust the position of the display arms in the slotted posts, allowing them to present their merchandise to their individual requirements.
Non-merchandisable Wall - Not the most exciting name for it I’m sure, but these are the same as above but without the slots showing. They are usually used to cover the original wall and to tie in the merchandisable walls and are most commonly placed where a Merchandisable wall is not needed by the retailer, or not suitable.
Structural Wall - This type of wall really can make a big difference to the look and practicality of your store. We supply a whole range of Structural Walls. Firstly, they can act as a partitioning wall, (e.g. to create fitting rooms or staff areas). Secondly they can be used as a merchandisable wall, so for example a line of these could be placed down the middle of a space, splitting the area into two, with potentially both sides of the wall merchandisable!, giving the retailer the extra, usable, space. A Structural Wall can also be built on wheels, an interesting concept, which turns it into a mobile wall. These are usually used in place of large gondolas or in “wasted space? around the store where a permanent wall is not appropriate.
Faceted Wall - This is basically a curved wall. These walls are visually very appealing and can turn a squared off, harsh looking corner into a desirable contour. They can also be used as merchandisable walls, which again utilizes the space. However, if it is just a beautiful finish you are after, they can be made as Un-merchandisable walls also. Please see examples below.
Used individually or combined, these wall systems really can make a difference in so many ways. For further information on these shop fitting products or for a quote, please do not hesitate to Contact Effjey and speak to a member of our team.
At EFFJEY Ltd we recognise the need for reliability and versatility and also to be able to carry out a professional job on time, every time. We are proud of our customer service policy. Serving national and international clients, it is our priority to ensure total customer satisfaction whilst maintaining a highly competitive pricing strategy.